Building 707

Property Details

Building 707 has the capacity to run a variety of processes and includes water, air, electricity, a fire suppressant system and emergency detection.

Total Space Available 21, 394 SF
Rental Rate Negotiable
Min. Divisible 127 SF
Max Contiguous 21,394 SF
Property Type Industrial
Property Sub-type Pilot Plant
Building Size 26,937 SF
Year Built 1948
Lot Size 1.2 AC
Lease Type Full Service

Property Description

Building 707 is a combined Office and Pilot Plant facility and can house several large reactors (up to 2000 gal. CSTRs) and similarly sized purification equipment. The 3-story office structure features a conference room, control room, kitchen, lab, library space, locker rooms, office space and utility rooms. The 4-story process structure includes 12 operating cells.

Location Description

The West Virginia Regional Technology Park, located at 1740 Union Carbide Drive, South Charleston, West Virginia, offers access to an ample network of transportation options including trucking services, air freight carriers, railroad lines, navigable waterways, airports and interstate highways. West Virginia is conveniently located within 500 miles of nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population and one-third of Canada’s populace.

Cell 1 (491 SF) Two 1000 gallon stainless reactors with 40 & 50 hp agitators, tempered water heating / cooling, condensers & vacuum pump | Smaller hastelloy reactor with a 3 hp agitator
Cell 2 (284 SF) Koch Sulzer Packed Column – 8.5” diameter x 50’ tall
Cell 3 (295 SF) WFE (13.7 SF), heads and tails tanks
Cell 4 (295 SF) 380 Gallon mole sieve bed and various filters
Cell 5 (295 SF) 60 gallon reactor, 8” x 24’ packed column
Cell 6 (558 SF) Marlotherm Hot Oil System | Two in-cell labs
Cell 7 (295 SF) Empty
Cell 8 (295 SF) Old Ethylene Oxide Derivatives Pilot Plant (centrifuge, reactor, dryer)
Cell 9 (295 SF) 100 gallon glass-lined reactor, 320 SF 316SS condenser
Cell 10 (295 SF) 500 gallon glass-lined reactor, 126 SF hastelloy condenser
Cell 11 (295 SF) Empty
Cell 12 (284 SF) 2000 gallon glass-lined reactor, 250 SF condenser, packed column, overhead make tank