Tenant Handbook


West Virginia Regional Technology Park Tenant Handbook

The Tenant Handbook provides a central source for guidelines and common procedures relating to the West Virginia Regional Technology Park (WVRTP) for current tenants at the South Charleston, West Virginia facility.

To learn more about the WVRTP, including a list of available laboratory or office space for rent, please contact our office at 304-356-3165.


The purpose of this handbook is to provide a central source for guidelines and common procedures relating to the West Virginia Technology Park (Tech Park).

This manual is intended to provide basic guidelines to all Tech Park tenants.  This information supports, but does not supersede, any legal contractual arrangements between WV Regional Technology Park Corp. (WVRTP) and its tenants.

It should be clearly understood that neither this Manual nor the policies and procedures set out in this Manual constitute services or any other type of contract.  Due to the nature of the WVRTP’s operation and variation necessary to accommodate individual situations, WVRTP’s policies and procedures, including those in this handbook, may not apply to every tenant.

About the Technology Park

Located in South Charleston, West Virginia, the Tech Park was donated to the State of West Virginia in 2010 by The Dow Chemical Company. Since that time, the Tech Park has made strong progress towards becoming an innovation factory to promote education, research, jobs and revenue for the citizens of West Virginia. The vision of the Tech Park is to be a diversified multi-tenant research, development and commercialization park focused on energy, chemicals and related technologies that promotes the advancement of education and economic development in the State of West Virginia and the surrounding region. Core research and development areas include energy, chemicals and materials and biotechnology. With a focus on developing new technologies and diversifying the state’s economy, plans for the Tech Park are aimed at translating investments in higher education and research into business and economic growth.

Changes in Policy

While every effort is made to keep the contents of this document current, WVRTP reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate any of the policies and/or procedures described in the handbook with or without prior notice to the tenants. Policies and procedures including those set out in this Handbook are interpreted and applied by WVRTP in its sole discretion.

An updated copy of this handbook is available for review by tenants from the WVRTP Property Management Office by calling 304-356-3165.

Becoming a Tenant at the WV Regional Technology Park

Becoming a Tenant at the Tech Park

The Tech Park is an ideal location for technology-based companies that are interested in expansion.  The Tech Park has the capability to provide research and laboratory space and space for small scale production for start-up and technology companies.  Additionally, we offer space for technical and research-oriented educational institutions to provide hands on learning experiences for students.  The Tech Park currently houses many such tenants and has existing space and infrastructure available for lease by new tenants and the capacity to improve or construct space for tenant use.

Leasing Space

Currently, the Tech Park leases space in the following Buildings:

  • Building 740 is 131,000 square feet, with five floors of laboratories and offices, drive-in loading area and parking and passenger and freight elevators;
  • Building 770 is being renovated for occupancy and it will contain 130,000 square feet, four floors of laboratories and offices, market development labs, drive-in loading area for trailers, parking and passenger and freight elevators;
  • In addition, the Tech Park has Pilot Plants and smaller buildings that offer: lab, maintenance and office space; scale-up plant facilities for research and commercialization; parking and utilities.

Future Development
The Tech Park has 258 acres, including 130 acres of undeveloped land.  There are numerous sites available for construction.

For further information regarding space availability and leasing, please contact:

Russell Kruzelock, Ph.D.
CEO/Executive Director
West Virginia Regional Technology Park Corporation
1740 Union Carbide Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303

Facility Services Typically Provided in a “Full Service Lease Contract”


Utilities include: electricity, HVAC and water.

Grounds Care and Maintenance

Grounds care normally includes: trees, shrubbery, flowers, lawn and other grounds care and snow and ice removal.


Free parking is provided for tenants and guests. .

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are provided to clean designated areas.  These services include:  trash removal and floor cleaning (vacuum and mop). Common areas such as restrooms are scheduled to be cleaned daily.  Any detailed cleaning in office and lab areas is the responsibility of the tenant.

Facility Security Access Cards

Tenant employees are provided building security access cards. This does not apply to the Community Technical College System tenants and/or students.

Building Conference and/or Meeting Space

Each building includes conference and/or meeting space that can be reserved on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  Most rooms are equipped with conference tables, chairs and have projector and sound system capabilities.

Requests for Shared Conference Room 1304B and the Building Auditorium in Building 740 or the Conference Room in Building 2000 must be coordinated by calling 304-356-3165 and completing the Conference Room Rental Contact.  An updated listing of Conference Room pricing is also available.

Common Building Space

All tenants are welcome to use the building common space, which includes: elevators, lobby areas, restrooms, shipping and receiving dock and vending areas.

Safety / Emergency Response

Please refer to Section 5 of this manual (Tenant Minimum Environmental, Health and Safety Expectations). 

Building Assigned Lab Cylinders and Tank Storage

Tenants will be assigned lab cylinder and tank storage space as needed at their facility location.

Additional Tenant Services and Fees

For more information on additional services that are available for the tenants and the associated service fees, please contact WVRTP Management Staff.

General Tenant Policies

Smoking Policy

NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco, will be allowed on the campus of the WVRTP, and any areas previously designated as smoking areas will no longer be used as such.


(Not affiliated with BridgeValley Community and Technical College)

All visitors at the Tech Park must enter a building through the lobby area.  Individuals going beyond the lobby must sign-in and sign-out at the main desk in the receptionist’s area.  Visitors must be accompanied at all times by the tenant’s host.

Children (16 Years of Age and Under)

Due to the hazardous nature of some on-site chemical operations, children are not permitted beyond the lobby. Under unique circumstances, tenant management may permit children less than 16 years of age into non-hazardous areas.  Non-hazardous areas can be defined as areas where no laboratory research is being conducted, no chemicals are being used, stored, shipped and/or received, no utilities and/or facility equipment is being stored and/or operated, no laboratory and research equipment is being stored and/or operated and no building or tenant telecommunications equipment, such as, the building internet servers and auditorium telecommunications equipment is being housed.

Confidentiality among Tenants

Each tenant of the Tech Park shall require its directors, officers, employees and agents to keep confidential any information not otherwise generally available to the public that it may receive from any other tenant or Tech Park employee as a result of cohabitation or collaboration on ideas or business related confidential material and/or decisions.  The receiving party shall not use or disclose or permit any use or disclosure thereof without the disclosing party’s written consent.

No Animals

The WVRTP prohibits bringing pets (a domestic animal kept for pleasure or companionship) to work or having pets in WVRTP-controlled buildings and premises, with the exception of service animals.


It is expected that compliance is made to all federal, state and local regulations as well as the Department of Homeland Security regulations.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to 304-881-0439 (office) or 304-932-8503 (cell).

How to Obtain Security Access Cards

Tech Park tenants are to follow these steps regarding Access / I.D. Badges:

  1. All tenants and many contractors with the need to work inside the buildings (other than BridgeValley Community and Technical College), must be issued an identification/access card that will allow them to enter certain building doors within the tenant area.  This ID card bears a photograph of the individual in laminated plastic.
  2. New tenants (employees and/or long-term contractors) need to complete their “Access Application” form, which can be obtained from the Tenant Services and Operations Assistant in the lobby of Building 740 or by calling 304-356-3165.  Long-term contractors are those who will be working at the Tech Park for 90 days or more.  Short-term contractors (working at the Tech Park less than 90 days) will be issued a visitor pass.
  3. Once approved, the tenant’s employee and/or long-term contractor may have his or her photograph taken and an I.D. card issued in the lobby of Building 740 between 8AM – 11AM and 1PM to 4PM, Monday through Friday.
  4. The I.D. card is a key to the electronic door system. Access is given according to company and can be denied at any time.  Using another person’s I.D. card is not permitted.

NOTE:  Tenants are not permitted access to other Tech Park facilities and/or restricted areas so marked within the Tech Park.  Tenants who have business needs in other Tech Park areas shall follow the visitor process.

Personal Property

The Tech Park Tenant Services staff maintains a property management system that efficiently tracks lost and found property reports. Persons seeking information about lost or found property may do so by contacting the Tenant Services and Operations Assistant at 304-356-3165.  WVRTP assumes no risk for any loss or damage to personal property.

Weather-related and Emergency-related Closings

At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires or power failures can disrupt company operations.  In such instances, the WVRTP staff will decide on the closure and Security will provide the official notification to the tenants and/or occupants of the Tech Park.

Facility Modifications

Any activity that could alter, modify or impact facility infrastructure including WVRTP owned equipment, offices, labs, storage areas, utilities and buildings must be approved by WVRTP management prior to initiating such activity.

Standards of Conduct

Harassment Policy

The Tech Park does not tolerate workplace harassment. Workplace harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence.  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the offender being banned from the premises.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The Tech Park does not tolerate sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other unwelcome verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature when such conduct creates an offensive, hostile and intimidating working environment and prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of his or her position.  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the offender being banned from the premises.

Violence in the Workplace

The Tech Park has adopted a policy prohibiting workplace violence. Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment and/or coercion, which involve or affect the Tech Park or which occur on Tech Park property and/or a tenant’s leased area, will not be tolerated.  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the offender being banned from the premises.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

It is the policy of the Tech Park that the workplace be free of illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages and free of their use. In addition to damage to respiratory and immune systems, malnutrition, seizures, loss of brain function, liver damage and kidney damage, the abuse of drugs and alcohol has been proven to impair the coordination, reaction time, emotional stability and judgment of the user. This could have tragic consequences where demanding or stressful work situations call for quick and sound decisions to be made.  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in the offender being banned from the premises.

Enforcement of Policies

For the avoidance of doubt, the Tech Park has the right, but not the obligation or duty, to enforce the policies set forth in this handbook, and nothing herein shall be construed to create a duty on the part of the Tech Park to defend or protect its tenants from actions or omissions of a third party or another tenant.

Tenant Minimum Environmental, Health & Safety Expectations



All areas will be maintained in an orderly manner, travel paths will be kept free of hazards and debris.


Compliance will be maintained with all applicable regulatory and site requirements.

Battery Limits / Utility Modifications

Any modifications involving utilities outside the tenant battery limits must be approved by WVRTP management. Contact the Facilities Manager for clarification of specific battery limits.  (See also 3.8)

HazCom – Hazardous Communication

Each Tenant must comply with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.  Materials must be labeled accordingly.  Hazardous areas will be properly marked at the entrance to each area.  Emergency contact information will be posted on the door to each lab/office.


The hbcontrols must maintain a safety program at all times that:   (1) protects the health and safety of employees, visitors and neighbors; (2) ensures compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements; (3) provides for periodic internal walk-through inspections to assess potential hazards; (4) provides relevant and required training for all employees; (5) provides a means to report and investigate accidents/injuries; (6) provides a review process to occur for new or modified situations involving potentially hazardous work and (7) a regulatory compliant plan for the storage and disposal of waste.

PSM – Process Safety Management

Any operations that fall under OSHA’s Process Safety Management requirements must be approved by the WVRTP Management.


Typical laboratories must not contain more than 40 gallons of flammable materials, not including material stored inside flame resistant storage cabinets.

Hazardous Materials

The use of OSHA Regulated Chemicals, OSHA Carcinogen Listed Materials or large quantities of hazardous materials must be approved in writing by WVRTP management.

Confined Space

Work activities resulting in the potential creation of a confined space must be approved by WVRTP management.



Each tenant must comply with facility ventilation requirements at all times.  All laboratory personnel will utilize good laboratory practices regarding chemical handling, labeling and hood use.


Any work involving biohazards must be approved in writing by WVRTP management.  Additional ventilation controls may be required depending on the nature of planned biohazard activity.


Any work involving radioactive materials must be approved in writing by WVRTP management.

Hearing Conservation

When sound levels exceed 85 dBA, actions shall be taken to reduce the noise level where practical.



Each tenant must comply with all applicable regulatory requirements at all times.  Each tenant shall prevent oil or other hazardous substances from entering the ground or drains.


The only materials that a tenant is permitted to put into drains without a permit include uncontaminated water.  Contact the South Charleston Sanitary Board for permit information related to putting material into drains.


A tenant’s air emissions must comply will all applicable regulatory requirements.  Contact the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for additional information for permitting.


Any material released onto/into the ground must be reported as required by the respective regulatory agency.

Spill Prevention & Response

Compliance with regulatory reporting requirements must be strictly followed.  Any reportable quantity release must be reported to the WVRTP CEO, COO or Safety Director immediately.

Emergency Response


Each tenant will have a written emergency response plan that complies with OSHA and NFPA regulations.  The plan must include how emergency notifications occur, who gets notified, where specific mustering points are and how employees, contractors, and visitors are accounted for.  The tenant management team is responsible for ensuring that the tenant’s employees, students, contractors and visitors are trained on the emergency response plan.   Each tenant’s emergency response plans must align with the site plan.

In the event of a medical emergency, immediately call 911.  Provide name, location, nature of event and chemical names if any chemicals are involved.  A tenant representative should meet the emergency response team outside the lobby to direct them to the scene of the emergency and provide any specific information about the event.  Additionally, a tenant representative should hold the elevator at the floor where emergency responders enter to readily transport equipment.

Notify the Buildings Manager at 304-932-8503 or Safety Director at 304-561-7011 with specific information regarding the nature of the event and if the event impacts other tenants.

In the event of a non-medical emergency, including a fire, activate the nearest pull box.  This will automatically initiate the building evacuation.  Notify the Buildings Manager at 304-932-8503 or Safety Director at 304-561-7011 with specific information regarding the nature of the event, if the event impacts other tenants and if all employees, contractors and visitors are accounted for. 

Emergency response flip cards will be posted at each pull box or egress door to provide details regarding specific actions needed in various emergency situations.

WVRTP Emergency Contacts:

WVRTP Facilities Manager                  304-932-8503
WVRTP Safety Director                     304-561-7011
WVRTP CEO/Executive Director              304-545-7786
WVRTP Operations Manager                  304-881-1463

Waste Management


All applicable regulations regarding hazardous materials must be followed.  Applicable regulations include, but are not limited to, RCRA, CERCLA and the Oil Pollution Prevention Act.

MSDS/Chemical Inventory

Each applicable tenant will maintain a compliant MSDS/Chemical Inventory

Broken Glass

Broken glass must not be put in with regular trash. The broken glass must be clean and placed in the red buckets assigned to each lab.  The lab occupants are asked to empty the broken glass buckets into the building dumpster for disposal.


WVRTP expects that all employees and contractors of its tenants are actively engaged in safe conduct, alert for hazards, actively communicating with fellow tenants and WVRTP management concerning safety and involved in any appropriate action to and/or mitigate hazards. It is expected that in addition to maintaining compliance to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, the impact of hazardous activities will be communicated to neighboring groups.  It is recommended that tenants communicate unusual or hazardous activities to the WVRTP Safety Director, at 304-561-7011.



Below you will find forms to download for your convenience. Please click on the link or right click and ‘ save as ‘ to download the forms.